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八月 7, 2019



hong kong has to do with beijing
has to do with xinjiang has to do with fear of muslims
has to to with myanmar sri lanka christchurch
and killing latinos everyone who stands in the way
in texas. repression has to do with repression of the fear
that the system doesn’t deliver capitalism with
or without one-party-dictatorship doesn’t deliver
and mao didn’t ever. so we have to repress something
that broke out in 2008 or 1989 but had been brewing
for a long time before. obama was kind of a fix
for some kind of hope but not enough
to work without him. so strike down hard
abolish respect for anyone not han-chinese in xinjiang
any immigrant anyone abolish term limits
abolish any respect except for the president the military
making money with the right connections
the heartland, I guess
as perceived in global times fox news.
if you’re not from hong kong,
do you have any respect for hong kong?
depends, doesn’t it.
I like hk, taiwan, china, xinjiang how it was in 2000
pakistan how it was in 2000
many many places in europe and asia
and yes in america.
I really like peace and openness
however fraught
places where you don’t feel scared.
Guess everyone does.

MW August 2019

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