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HOMESICK – Zhou Fangru 周芳如

十一月 5, 2020

Zhou Fangru

The landscape, the river, the setting sun
Old farmer drives home old cows
Scents of swaying rice
Kitchen smoke, village dogs, dirty kids
Big tree where the village begins,
is it these?

My ID is from the village,
I have no flat in the city
and in the country, no land.

Translated by MW, November 2020



五月 5, 2019

Zhou Fangru

At Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport
going through security,
they pat everyone down from head to toe,
including the crotch,
and you take off your shoes, they pat the soles of your feet.

When it was my turn,
I felt like crying all over my face,
don’t know how long it has been
since someone touched me this way.

Translated by MW, Mai 2019





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