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十一月 30, 2015

Tang Guo

Tang Guo

they tied my hands and my feet
let me hop up the stairs to second floor
if I made it all the way up
hopping up without falling
I would get a handful of candy

tight ropes around hands and feet
I had to hop like a frog
the first jump was easy
the second stair was not too bad
it got hard later on

grinning grown-ups upstairs on the landing
their hands full of candy
gleaming in colours
I held down my pain
kept telling myself to be strong, to go on

many times I almost fell on the stairs
but in the end I held on to myself
I raised my small hands up together
thanking someone somewhere beyond
I finally got the candy I dreamed of
then grown-ups got bored and dispersed

May 2015
Tr. MW, Nov. 2015

Tang Guo Childhood games

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