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十月 27, 2018


ja natürlich denk ich
haben brecht und erich fried
ganz natürlich schon so geschrieben
ganz biologisch ganz ohne zutaten
ganz ohne supermarktregal
gibt es in deutschland bei rewe
auch ja natürlich
vielleicht auch in der schweiz

was schreib ich denn in österreich
wir haben ja so eine tolle regierung

was schreib ich?

was ist schlimmer als hunger?
was ist schlimmer als krieg?
was ist schlimmer
als verschwinden lassen?
was ist schlimmer
als folter und mord?
was ist schlimmer
als der krieg im jemen?
als der kandidat in brasilien?

heute ist nationalfeiertag
unser präsident ist nicht schlecht
letztes jahr haben wir uns angestellt
um in die hofburg zu kommen
in seine räume
ein kleiner syrer war vor uns
kein kind nicht sehr groß gewachsen
zeigt uns auf seinem handy
briefe die er geschrieben hat
sehr gutes deutsch bisschen
neunzehntes jahrhundert
achtzehn wörter für liebe sagt er
gebe es auf arabisch
wir kommen hinein
es ist alles sehr freundlich
wir sind zu spät für den präsidenten
vielleicht ist er im hof
gulaschkanone und militärmusik
die kinder klettern auf die großen statuen
es lebe österreich

MW 26. Oktober 2018

Photo: AFP Willnow




十月 23, 2016
Photo by Ronnie Niedermeyer,

Photo by Ronnie Niedermeyer,


wish I could write a noble poem
a prized noble poem
a swedish prized noble poem
a norwegian prized noble poem
pricey and noble
like norwegian beer
everything becomes pricey and noble
unless global warming
comes fast enough

MW October 2016


last week the brazilian author ricardo domeneck wrote a noble commentary on Facebook that actually sounds a little dylanesque, partly. masters of war, yes. dynamite. 伊沙 has a great little nobel dynamite poem. from 1992. 今年的文学諾貝爾得主有一首 Masters of War,我有一首 “X&Y”, 伊沙翻譯成《一搭一挡》。講尼克松和他的外交部长、大陸前领導和他的首相等等。墙上還有“毛”字,因為伊沙1991年一首小詩。 we had a reading here in vienna on Oct. 15 in our new housing close to the new central train station. we have a library downstairs. run by people from our house, we are there often. open to other houses, gudrun and peter built a stage, and we have theatre. and we had a bob dylan night a few months ago. masters of war is a little like my poem X&Y. x was cruel/ butt is sore/ y was able/ and suave./ both loved culture/ both destroyed/ hundred million/ butts are cold. written march 2007 in beijing. yes, nixon and kissinger, mao and zhou, maybe there is a pair like that in brazil? only six or seven swedes in over 100 years of a great swedish prize for literature is actually not very much, is it? wonder if ricardo brazil/domeneck/africa ever read tomas tranströmer. oh well. pity this busy monster manunkind/ not. progress is a comfortable disease:/ your victim (death and live safely beyond) plays with the bigness of its littleness …[…] pity poor flesh and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this fine specimen …. listen: there’s a hell/ of a good universe next door. let’s go. there must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief …

yes, the music of jimi hendrix. dylan is honored as tip of the iceberg, should be chuck berry and many others at the same time. preferably african brazilian women. yes, manunkind maybe doesn’t always deserve something poor ricardo doesn’t always get, maybe. pity. oh yes.


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三月 8, 2013


Time To Say No! is an initiative inspired by Malala Yousafzai. There is a presentation in Brazil today. Yesterday there was a press conference and poetry reading in Vienna, organized by Austrian PEN. Time to Say No! is about rights. Education and dignity, which means not to be violated, are basic rights of all human beings. We heard female writers from Kenya, Sudan, Iran, India, Bulgaria, a wonderful male voice from former Yugoslavia, Austrian voices: Philo Ikonya, Ishraga Hamid, Sarita Jemanani, Boško Tomašević, Dorothea Nürnberg…. And two poems from China. The first one was “YOUR RED LIPS, A WORDLESS HOLE你空洞無聲的欲言紅唇 by Sheng Xue 盛雪, English translation by Maiping Chen and Brenda Vellino, German translation by Angelika Burgsteiner. The second poem from China was Lily’s Story 丽丽传 by Zhao Siyun 赵思云. The book Time To Say No, edited by Philo Inkonya and Helmuth Niederle, also contains poems by Ana Schoretits, Chantelle Tiong 张依蘋, Hong Ying 虹影, Reet Kudu, Wu Runsheng 吴润生  and many, many others.

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