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三月 26, 2017


half an hour till dresden
beautiful scenery in between
looks like china
steep mountain sides on the elbe
bad rathen or something
and some other city
deepest gdr
up from the czech border
good place to open a chinese restaurant
not too much competition
but you never know

MW March 2017




so schön unbeschwert
so munter eilen wir so-
lang wir noch leben

MW März 2017




die spinnen die faten
die fakten die fetten die falten die gstetten
die alten
wir sind nicht entweder oder
wir sind entweder oder
freund oder feind
oder sonst

MW März 2017




dass das feuilleton
einmal eine macht war
ist schon so exotisch
wie das glasperlenspiel

und elefanten
europäischer länder
feiern einen der ihren

mag es noch viele geben
die so freundlich sind
in so viele richtungen
wie herrn breitenstein

MW März 2017




er ist eh nicht da
warum fällt er mir ein
er hat viel verdienst
die zunft hat halt schaden
auch wegen ihm
was mir an kubin
am meisten am nerv geht
dass er als deutscher
und österreicher
nicht bescheidener auftritt

MW März 2017




jetzt sollt ich noch
in leipzig sein
den süßen wein vom christian berger
hab ich sehr gut vertragen

MW März 2017


十二月 10, 2016


– for Bob Dylan

wer ist der beste deutsche dichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der beste englische dichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der beste höllische dichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der beste gutmenschendichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der beste bösmenschendichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der beste weibliche dichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der beste männliche dichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

wer ist der österreichischste dichter?
der wind der wind das himmlische kind

MW Dezember 2016



– Danke an Bob Dylan!

wieviele wege geht denn ein mensch
bevor du sagst er ist ein mensch?

eine weiße taube fliegt übers meer
wie oft bevor sie schläft?

wieviele male fliegt denn ein ball
bevor die kanone zerbricht?

die antwort, mein freund
die weht im wind
die antwort wirbelt im wind

wieviele jahre steht denn ein berg
bevor ihn der wind wäscht ins meer?

wieviele jahre stehen menschen auf
bevor du’s erlaubst: sie sind frei!

wieviele male drehst du dich um
und tust so als ob du nichts findst?

die antwort, mein freund
die weht im wind
die antwort wirbelt im wind

wieviele male schaut denn ein mann
bevor er den himmel sehen kann?

wieviele ohren brauchst du denn noch
bevor du hörst: jemand weint!

wieviele tote bis du dann weißt
dass zu viele niemand mehr find’t?

die antwort, mein freund
die weht im wind
die antwort wirbelt im wind

MW Dezember 2016






十月 23, 2016
Photo by Ronnie Niedermeyer,

Photo by Ronnie Niedermeyer,


wish I could write a noble poem
a prized noble poem
a swedish prized noble poem
a norwegian prized noble poem
pricey and noble
like norwegian beer
everything becomes pricey and noble
unless global warming
comes fast enough

MW October 2016


last week the brazilian author ricardo domeneck wrote a noble commentary on Facebook that actually sounds a little dylanesque, partly. masters of war, yes. dynamite. 伊沙 has a great little nobel dynamite poem. from 1992. 今年的文学諾貝爾得主有一首 Masters of War,我有一首 “X&Y”, 伊沙翻譯成《一搭一挡》。講尼克松和他的外交部长、大陸前领導和他的首相等等。墙上還有“毛”字,因為伊沙1991年一首小詩。 we had a reading here in vienna on Oct. 15 in our new housing close to the new central train station. we have a library downstairs. run by people from our house, we are there often. open to other houses, gudrun and peter built a stage, and we have theatre. and we had a bob dylan night a few months ago. masters of war is a little like my poem X&Y. x was cruel/ butt is sore/ y was able/ and suave./ both loved culture/ both destroyed/ hundred million/ butts are cold. written march 2007 in beijing. yes, nixon and kissinger, mao and zhou, maybe there is a pair like that in brazil? only six or seven swedes in over 100 years of a great swedish prize for literature is actually not very much, is it? wonder if ricardo brazil/domeneck/africa ever read tomas tranströmer. oh well. pity this busy monster manunkind/ not. progress is a comfortable disease:/ your victim (death and live safely beyond) plays with the bigness of its littleness …[…] pity poor flesh and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this fine specimen …. listen: there’s a hell/ of a good universe next door. let’s go. there must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief …

yes, the music of jimi hendrix. dylan is honored as tip of the iceberg, should be chuck berry and many others at the same time. preferably african brazilian women. yes, manunkind maybe doesn’t always deserve something poor ricardo doesn’t always get, maybe. pity. oh yes.


Yi Sha_Cover_Web


九月 19, 2015

Yi Sha pin Muttertag Muttertag Muttertag Handschrift

Zuo You

muttertag kommt heran
die schule von meinem neffen
lädt ein die eltern und angehörigen
“am muttertag: füße waschen für mama”
mein neffe kriegt den ersten preis
für seinen fleiß
ich freu mich für ihn
als ich ihn abhol,
gehn wir zur belohnung hamburger essen
beim abschied sagt mir mein neffe ins ohr:
“mamas füße stinken!”

11. Mai 2015
Übersetzt von MW im Sept. 2015

Zuo You


五月 16, 2015

Yi Sha Birds and clouds

Wu Yulun 《你怎么看希特勒》

wie siehst du hitler?
schamloser schurke. gemein.
auf den alle zeigen.
perversling. grausam. kriecht in löcher.

sehr gut.
als preis bekommst du
eine rote blüte.
ein bisschen geld.
damit kannst du später
die schwarzen töten.

Übers. v. MW, 2015





RED – 秦巴子

四月 7, 2015


Qin Bazi

the lamp in the fruit department is red.
the lamp in the meat department is red.
in the alley at the night market,
red lantern hanging over each stand
the spotlight at the prize ceremony is red.
the guy on the stage with the prize in his hand,
he is one red-hot item,
red like he works in a darkroom.
when I was at work at the factory,
when there was not enough electricity,
the light bulb went red.
my master said: turn the screw on tight!


Tr. MW, 2015

2 FIGURES (literature & politics)

一月 29, 2015

(literature & politics)


anyone who is for
masters of war
what should u do with them?
I’d rather not
give him a prize.

MW 2015/1



anyone who is for
the chinese government
against ai weiwei
anyone who pretends
no-one gets disappeared
there is justice in china
what should u do with them?
I’d start with naming one.

MW 2015/1


十月 20, 2014


Yi Sha

the night they announced
the lu xun literature prize
my mobile phone rang
it was the ningxia muslim poet
shan yongzhen. he said:
“only if you are never considered
for the biggest official prize,
you can become
a great poet in china.
tonight my first candidate
would have been chang yao
(who died in 2000)
the second one I thought of
was you, brother yi!”
hearing these words
brother yi stammered
didn’t know what to say
would have liked to hang up
brother shan said:
“so you don’t want to
discuss this topic
in any way?”
I said:
“yes, yes ….”
he didn’t know
what I was doing
I didn’t want to discuss any topic
I was watching a porn flick
on my computer
there was this great
piece of ass from thailand
in front of my eyes

August 2014
Tr. Oct. 2014





JAILBIRDS AND HEROES – 西毒何殇 Xidu Heshang

十月 19, 2014

Xidu Heshang

Xidu Heshang

that year our teacher loved chi zhiqiang
actor who went to jail for loose behaviour
we had a contest for prison songs
my “tears on prison bars” earned me first prize:
black “hero” fountain pen

Tr. MW, Oct. 2014

Murong Xuecun, Yu Hua, Liu Zhenyun, Bob Dylan and Rivers of Bablyon

八月 5, 2012

I don’t think Murong Xuecun exaggerates, like one commentator suggested on the MCLC list. Yes, you could encompass many alarming, saddening, embarrassing stories in one speech in other places than China, and people do it all the time, naming names, practices, products. The difference is that in China you will be silenced more swiftly and harshly. Yes, there are exceptions.

Does Mo Yan revel in cruelty like Dan Brown? Does Yu Hua make better use of the cruel parts in his novels? Ok, I’m an interested party, I can’t really say. Would be interesting to analyze in detail. Mo Yan’s novels are great works, at least those I have read, he has written a lot. Deep, cathartic, even accusing use of cruel events and structures. I love Yu Hua’s tone. And I associate Liu Zhenyun in Remember 1942, and Murong Xuecun’s Sky and Autumn speech.

We had Jeremiah in church today, along with that story where a guy goes abroad and gives his gold and silver to his servants. The ones that receive more trade with it, and when their lord comes back, they can give him double. The one who received very little buries it, and when the lord comes back, he digs it out and says, I know you are a harsh governor and reap where you haven’t sown, so I was afraid to lose what you gave me, and kept it double safe. His colleagues get to join the big party, and are rewarded with great posts. He is cast out into the darkness, which is filled with howling and chattering teeth. It’s a horrible story. Yes, it’s a parable, and if you have very little reason for faith, you should still risk it and try to make more, because if you bury it deep in your heart you might lose the little trust you had and received and be cast out into the darkness. But if you are the one who has reason to be afraid, how can you trust your lords? The ones who have more and get more have it easy. Even if they lose everything, they are often rewarded – those powerful managers and functionaries. And if there are enough of those who are cast out, and they get organized, maybe some bishops or other lords might dangle from lamp posts. A Hussite reading, said my wife. Yeah, maybe. No shortage of horrible stories in Chinese literature, like in the Bible.

Jeremiah is even worse, it’s a much bigger story, infinitely more horrible. And there is a detail, not in the Jeremiah parts used in church today, but in the songs in exile. By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down, where we wept when we remembered Zion. And in the end the singer wishes, or the singers wish they will one day brutally kill the children of the oppressors. That’s the detail in Murong Xuecun’s speech I was thinking about.

The calling of Jeremiah, where he says he’s too young, and God says he has to go and obey, and open his mouth, and God will put His words into his mouth, and he will be set above nations and kingdoms, so he can pluck out and demolish, ruin and destroy, as well as plant and build. The preacher said she thought of parting and setting off to other posts, and how the Marschallin in Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s and Richard Strauss’ Rosenkavalier sings of what she will have to give up. What a horrible comparison! There is nothing light in Jeremiah. There are no waltzes. Ok, Rivers of Babylon, yes. But with Jeremiah, if you have to mention Austrian writers, Franz Werfel would be much more apt. Werfel was Jewish and used Jeremiah, a lot. Ok, she did mention, much too briefly how nobody would heed Jeremiah, and that it’s actually the most terrible story.

Anyway, when I heard Jeremiah, I thought of Bob Dylan. Masters of War. “How much do I know, to talk out of turn? You might say that I’m young; you might say I’m unlearned. But there is one thing I know, though I’m younger than you, it’s that Jesus would never forgive what you do. […] And I’ll watch while you’re lowered onto your deathbed, and I’ll stand on your grave and make sure that you’re dead.” I don’t know if Dylan thought of Nixon and Kissinger explicitly, when he wrote this song. America’s Vietnam War was raging, and I think the song came out when Nixon and Kissinger where in power. Anyway, there is that Monty Python song about Kissinger. Very explicit. Dylan and Monty Python would not be able to sing these songs in China on stage today, to say nothing about what Chinese artists can do. No, Murong Xuecun doesn’t exaggerate.

x and y

x was cruel

butt is sore

y was able

and suave.

both loved culture

both destroyed

hundred million

butts are cold

MW         March 2007

Yes, I thought of Mao and Nixon, and their sidekicks. But x and y could stand for many people, and could be mentioned anywhere, at least today. Almost anywhere, probably. Anyway, it’s about smoking, you know. Littering. OK, enough for today.

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