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FIRST FLOOR – 赵壮志 Zhao Zhuangzhi

六月 23, 2020

Zhao Zhuangzhi

On the dormitory’s first floor,
conditions are worst.
Moss on wooden doors,
rust on window bars.
From outside, passing the windows,
I see three special rooms,
with their own bathroom,
doors and windows aluminum,
Simmons mattress.
A black student
wielding a club
to chase a mouse
that ran in from the Chinese students next door.

6/12/20, Zhanjiang
Translated by MW, June 2020



JAILBIRDS AND HEROES – 西毒何殇 Xidu Heshang

十月 19, 2014

Xidu Heshang

Xidu Heshang

that year our teacher loved chi zhiqiang
actor who went to jail for loose behaviour
we had a contest for prison songs
my “tears on prison bars” earned me first prize:
black “hero” fountain pen

Tr. MW, Oct. 2014

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