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FIRST FLOOR – 赵壮志 Zhao Zhuangzhi

六月 23, 2020

Zhao Zhuangzhi

On the dormitory’s first floor,
conditions are worst.
Moss on wooden doors,
rust on window bars.
From outside, passing the windows,
I see three special rooms,
with their own bathroom,
doors and windows aluminum,
Simmons mattress.
A black student
wielding a club
to chase a mouse
that ran in from the Chinese students next door.

6/12/20, Zhanjiang
Translated by MW, June 2020




二月 9, 2016

Xing Hao

Xing Hao

my wife was pregnant
craved for boiled chicken
I bought only tofu
with the rest of the money
I got neruda’s “collected poems”.

my wife was pregnant
craved for baked fish
I bought only cabbage
with the rest of the money
I got pushkin’s biography.

when my daughter was born
she was just three pounds two
kept warm in a box
like a white mouse
crying and crying.

on the first day of 2016
I put a great feast on the table
everything for my daughter.

still very thin and very small
my ravenous daughter
and inside
it still hurts.

January 2016
Tr. MW, Feb. 2016

Xing Hao daughter

Xing Hao self

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