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2018年首届人民文学翻译奖获奖感言 – 维马丁 (Martin Winter,奥地利)

十二月 13, 2018

Acceptance speech for the People’s Literature 2018 Translation prize

维马丁 (Martin Winter,奥地利)

人民文学开始做外语版大概已经十年左右。记得2013年的科幻专辑。2013年十二月我只有几天在北京,碰巧得机会在《老书虫》(Bookworm)英语书店参加科幻专辑发布会。最深的印象是郝景芳。有几个人上场朗诵和讨论。除了郝景芳还有一个重要的印象也许就是刘宇昆(Ken Liu).我读了他翻译的刘慈欣《三体》英语版,真的很喜欢,而且非常佩服。就记得他们两个人讨论。刘宇昆说他已经习惯生活在美国,写作也是用英语。郝景芳说她觉得如果是她就不行,她需要中国的环境和自己的母语才能写作。两位都说得很开放,我觉得都说真话。今天随手翻开了2015年夏天的英语《路灯》,也觉得非常好。开头有西川说北京潘家园古玩市场的长诗,特别喜欢,我觉得翻译得非常棒。然后有冯唐的科幻故事。未来世界各方面都控制得很严,无论什么国家地区都是,最后变成世界只有一个政权。不过在宗教和医学方面有一些问题,把大家每个人都统一化没有超级电脑想象得那么容易。今年我们做了《路灯》德语版科幻专辑,感觉成果也不错。




Space Poems

九月 6, 2013

Lydia and Julia. My tastes are simple, mostly. No Fehlschmelzen. Although that word makes me think of Ai Weiwei. Rare words. Rare earths. Che, fourth tone. Like the chai of demolition, but with earth instead of hand. In a famous poem by Du Fu, On Top Of Yueyang Pagoda. Che, separation. Of Wu and Chu. Still great realms, 1300 years later. Wu is Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and so on. Wu-dialect of Chinese, as different from Mandarin as French is different from German or Dutch, at least. Wu and Chu. Chu is Sichuan and so on. Dongting lake separates Wu and Chu. Dongting lake seen from the pagoda. Heaven and earth, blablabla, the light on the lake. No letters from home. North still at war. Writing this, leaning at the railings, crying. 昔聞洞庭水, 今上岳陽樓. 吳楚東南坼, 乾坤日夜浮. 親朋無一字, 老病有孤舟. 戎馬關山北, 憑軒涕泗流. Xi wen Dongting shui, jin shang Yueyang lou. Don’t know what kind of dialect Du Fu used. Not Mandarin, that’s for sure. More something like Wu, probably. Which I don’t speak and can’t write. Heard of Dongting lake, now I climb the stairs. Wu Chu dong nan che, qian kun ri ye fu. Here comes the “che”. Rare word, in present Mandarin. Dong nan, east and south. Wu is southeast from Chu. Heard of Dongting lake, now I climb the stairs. Wu and Chu divorced; Sky reflected, night. Not a word from home. Sick and old, a boat. War steeds roam the north. I lean here and cry. Five syllables per verse. Yes, much like Haikus. Yi Sha has space poems. 2 from 2003. One about first signs of spring, lunar new year, mahjong, the space shuttle Columbia, fear of flying, freedom. The other one about space, father and son, skies at night, North Korea. This 2nd 1 was in the FAZ on June 26, 2013, when the Shenzhou 10 capsule returned to earth.

lyrikline blog

Last week, in the run up to our website relaunch and the live event, Spacewe started an open call and asked for your short ‘Space Poems’. The call is closed now and we would like to thank everyone who took part!! We received 15 poems, sent to us in English and German via twitter, facebook and as blog comments and enjoyed reading the poems a lot. We hope you all do!


… and here are the Space Poems …




when we credulously

reached for the clouds

a clamour

from the mouth of

a careless fish

by Achim Wagner (via twitter)



words are vinds which blow roofs

Daiga Mežaka (via blog comment)



There’s no sound in a space poem, only the charged particles of solar wind.

by Dave Bonta (via twitter)



Folda Saumtar


Weil polygam in der



Dode jedan…

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