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七月 6, 2017

Photo by David Howard


she must be the most important statue
in this great cathedral
but she’s in the back
in a side room
you can go in for prayer

as long as you’re in there
you’re no gaping tourist
only god sees you gaping

at first you see jesus
you don’t want to say much at all
although no one stops you
from taking a photo

the room feels more ancient
and more contemporary
than the cathedral at large

how old was she
when the nazis killed her
at the big courthouse
here in vienna?

she was a sister, a nurse
came from husovice, brno
grew up in vienna
and served in mödling

living churches have modern things

it’s not in your face here
but it fits well

she must be the most important person by far

there is one in kosice
next to an entrance
you notice her right away

thousands of jews in kosice
over fifty-thousand here in vienna

what is god
what is prayer
what is a person
what is a saint

go with god

MW July 2017

Photo by David Howard


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