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2月 7, 2023

[Warning to Dr. Li Wenliang]

We hope you calm down
to reflect thoroughly
and heed our solemn warning:
If you persist,
unwilling to repent,
in illegal activities,
you will be punished according to law!
Have you heard and understood?

Handwritten answer: Understood

Warned person signature: Li Wenliang

[two red thumb prints over signature]

Warning persons signatures: Hu …, Xu


Wuhan Public Security Bureau, Wuchang section (red stamp)

Translated by MW, 2023
Picture circulated on WeChat in January 2023



ZHAO LIHONG – 赵立宏 Zhao Lihong

1月 22, 2015

Zhao Lihong - Zhao Lihong

Zhao Lihong

Went to a search engine,
searched for my name.
Found out on,
there are 53 people
called Zhao Lihong.
16.67% of them are from the north.
22.22% are born in the nineties,
62.22% are male.
I want all these people,
these Zhao Lihongs
to come together,
to hear us shout it together,
our own name,
Zhao Lihong,
Zhao Lihong.
To hear us calling each other,
each calling the name
Zhao Lihong;
to hear one Zhao Lihong
call another Zhao Lihong;
to hear an old Zhao Lihong
call for a young Zhao Lihong.
Hear a boy Zhao Lihong
call a girl Zhao Lihong,
hear a north Zhao Lihong
call for a south
Zhao Lihong.
To hear a
public security guy Zhao Lihong
call a teacher
Zhao Lihong.


Tr. MW, Jan. 2015

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