speech and rain

speech is swept by wind in winter
swept away by wind and gone

speech would hardly help in summer
hardly help against the sun

speeches held by storms in springtime
storms in springtime hold no speech

speech will come in fall in beijing
speech in beijing, always late

MW    June 2012, Vienna

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Every country or region has repressed issues. 有時候被壓抑的事偶爾出頭。奧地利前內政部長剛被判4年徒刑。 A 14-year old boy was shot dead for breaking into a supermarket in Austria in 2009. The policeman who ran after him and shot him in the back is still on duty. The facade of the Konzerthaus in Vienna says “Honor your German masters and ban good spirits”. Whom or what did they ban in the 1930s and 1940s? This poem is from Beijing. We lived in Beijing 1999-2008.


Photo by Andreas Landwehr, dpa

reden (und sonnenschein)

reden fegt der wind im winter
fegt der wind im winter weg

reden hilft bei starker sonne
hilft bei starker sonne kaum

reden haelt der sturm im fruehjahr
haelt der sturm im fruehjahr nicht

reden kommt im herbst in beijing
kommt in beijing oft zu spaet

MW    Dezember 2007, Beijing






unser land


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