Yi Sha
Yi Sha


when I was prepared
to enter spring
it snowed again

every snow
brings good feelings
makes me pray

dear god
for suicides tomorrow morning
let it snow once more
they need it

Tr. MW 2013/1







2008年开始翻译了几首,瑞士NZZ他们要很短的,所以最近给他们寄 《春雪》等等,从《尿床》一本台湾版选几首最短的。有《精神病患者》、《感恩的酒鬼》、《致敬》、《我想杀人》、《鸽子》等等。也许他们还会登出一两。 2008年偶尔读《雪天里的几种事物》,很喜欢,翻译了以后寄给报刊,他回答说很喜欢,不过一直未登出,太长。译文可以查看在这里

More poems by Yi Sha in German

Yi Sha became well-known in the 1990s for acerbic remarks on other poets. He has been widely criticized himself. Spring is a time of hope. The Chinese moon year begins with Spring Festival, the biggest holiday of the year. Typically for Yi Sha, this poem sounds rather mundane, laconic and depressing, dashing most expectations connected with poetry.  The line “For suicides tomorrow morning” is a little truncated in my German version that was printed in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (see image). “Für die Selbstmörder von morgen” makes a better rhythm than “Für die Selbstmörder von morgen früh”. In English I wasn’t tempted to leave out the morning. But you could say “dear god/for suicides in the morning/ let it snow once more.” In German there is something like a rhyme within the first two lines. When I was prepared/ To stride into spring/ it snowed again. Does it sound better this way in English too? You decide.
Why did I pick this particular poem? I didn’t pick it for publication. Andreas Breitenstein at NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) likes to print poems whenever he can wrangle a little space in any particular day’s edition. They have to be short. I had translated another poem by Yi Sha about snowfall in 2008. Mr. Breitenstein liked it, but it was too long. So I looked through Yi Sha’s collection Niao Chuang 尿床 (Wetting the bed), published in Taiwan in 2009. It’s a very nice edition. Huang Liang 黃梁, a critic in Taiwan, has brought out two ten-volume Series of Mainland Avantgarde Poetry 大陸先鋒詩叢, in 1999 and 2009. A great resource.  I just picked some of the shortest poems in there.

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