JUNE – 邢昊 Xing Hao

june - xing haoXing Hao

month of long days
and of strong sun
fresh-bought cabbage
curled at the sides
all turned to mush

it’s graduation day
the day I became a worker
at the cement factory
the day of the operation
my wife borrowed money for from everyone
the birthday of
one of my daughters
the day my father

sun like an oven
there is no way to let father stay
after a hurried funeral
I lead my shaking mother back to the cave onto the kang

no sound from mother
all through the month
there is no sound

Tr. MW, July 2014


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3条回应 to “JUNE – 邢昊 Xing Hao”

  1. wolkenbeobachterin Says:

    it’s sad, it’s sad your poem. i can feel it.
    sometimes it’s like that – no sound at all.
    just feelings, nothing else.

    weiß nicht, wie real dein gedicht ist.
    mein beileid zum tod des vaters.

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  2. 中国大好き Says:

    Danke! Ich kenne den Dichter nicht persönlich, nur über Yi Sha, der diese New Century Poetry – Serie jeden Tag im chinesischen Internet präsentiert. Sounds real, so I like it. Meine Eltern hab ich am Sonntag gesehen, in Mödling bei Wien. Sie wohnen jetzt dort, sind umgezogen. Wir waren auf der Burg, mit den Kindern.

  3. 中国大好き Says:

    This is what art is all about. You read it, feel it, pass it on. Like everything that electrifies you, you need to pass it on. Justice, religion, revolution. But in the case of art, also something that doesn’t serve more than the song of a bird.


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