white as snow

very much white as snow
probably very cold
makes me want to go skiing
and they’re floating in a most peculiar way
and the clouds look very different today
wish maia could see this
we will be landing in taipei soon
next year or so it will be thirty years
since I first came to taiwan
my children are the very best thing
I have ever achieved
they are born in beijing
maia was born in 2002
leo in 2005
we lived in china till 2008
wish I could bring them
they speak chinese
I studied chinese and so I came here
and discovered taiwan was very different
from what they told you
dissidents still in jail
or stuck in exile
the massacre of 1947
still not acknowledged
many demonstrations in 1989
one guy burned himself
didn’t notice that very much
but the massacre in beijing
was the one thing
I read about all the time
my chinese got much better
I had read some bei dao,
shu ting and so on, misty poets
fall and winter, news from europe
finally miracles, and rather peaceful
except in romania
some day we’ll bring the kids to taiwan
long as taiwan still stands
long as austria stands
as long as we can

MW November 2016


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