Photo by David Howard

– for David Howard

i have done every major German poet from behind
their puppies squished by the garage door
on their northern flanks in the middle of winter
held open by Keats.
the garage door, not the puppies,
somewhere in New Zealand. the forbidding garage doors
with their North German puppies
shepherded by Coleridge
on the southern island
right after Dunedin
the electric piano.
i sing the puppies electric
held open by Coleridge
on the fourth staircase
in Vienna’ s tenth district
at the new railway station
gentrified by the new park
for the dead former mayor
multiplying like rabbits
chased by North German shepherds
through the construction sites.
who’s doing whom?
ah! poetry.
“listen: there is a hell
of a good universe next door.
let’s go.”

MW June 2017

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