Photo by Gudrun Kollegger



it’s good to sit in an empty church.
you don’t matter here,
your life doesn’t matter.
it’s like when you’re up on a ridge,
you see the mountains far in the distance,
and the valley between.
you can see the whole valley.
somehow this time you see it more clearly
in this empty church.
does this mean you believe?
one time you were up on the roof.
it’s a big church, you can see very far.
you were up there with friends, and with your family.
it was a full moon.
you had a great time, all of you.
they do this only once in a year,
or even less often.
to let people up there.
it’s a big dome.
it’s good to sit in an empty church.
it’s not really empty,
people walk back and forth
once in a while.
if it was empty,
it would be locked.
anyway, it’s big enough,
nobody bothers you.
you believe
you can finish a poem.

MW June 2018


Photo by Gudrun Kollegger

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