This is the most beautiful square,
the centre of this beautiful town,
wonderful concert.
Didn’t understand one word they sang,
but they were great.
Every one had a wonderful time,
rock music in Czech,
guess they have been playing together
ten or twenty years.
I’m sure it was all their own songs
and the most classic ones at the end.
People dancing, holding their children,
people getting another beer.
The square has beer and ice cream stands
and many things for everyone.
Water taps, a tent with cushions,
restaurants and cafes
on the sides.

This was a very important town
one-hundred fifty or sixty years ago.
They filmed the movie Amadeus,
no, that was later.
They had an uprising,
a constitutional assembly
for the whole monarchy,
didn’t come through at the end.

Anyway now, they have a party.
Children play classical music
in the flower garden.
One ten- year-old could be Ian Anderson.
Two girls play like a string quartet,
hope the Blue Meanies
hold off for a while.

If you go to see the castle,
the Archbishop residence,,
where they had the filming,
the parliament, the Russian czar
and so on,
the painting gallery is actually free.
They have a Tizian,
Apollo and Marsyas.
Yes, the latter gets flayed alive.
Go see that first
before they close.

MW June 2019



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