STAR WARS (Star Wars 9 & Toy Story 4)

(Star Wars 9 & Toy Story 4)

The heartbreaking thing
about Star Wars
is when the rebels
have won
and survived
or at least most of them
or some of them
or at least some that you like
and you’re all happy
and you go home
and it really was a good ending
and you go to bed
and the next day
there is your life.

Has the universe changed
since the 1970s of our era?
Or since Jesus Christ
turned bread into fish?
Come on, give the Baby a break,
it is Christmas.
There will be life
and there will be movies.
There’ll be things to fight for,
and evil overlords.
And something beyond.

And some new toy
maybe made out of trash
will ask a companion
how am I alive –
and will hear –
I don’t know.

MW December 2019

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