actually the US
won the Vietnam war.
the good kind of US
those against those
who wanted the war.
against nixon and kissinger.
how many people wanted the war?
which war at which time
against whom?
is there a good kind of US
[spoken like not capitalized
from now on]
including people like me
people in other countries
people who aren’t even American
or slanted American
American slash something else
many not even English speaking
most of the time
just people who thought something good would be nice
for a change
we won that war
no-one thinks the vietnam war was good
or the war against saddam hussein
in retrospect
the way the war against nazis was good.
anyway we won in the end
although kissinger is still undead
and there is another nixon in office
put in by putin,
just the way putin was put in by putin
or erdowahn by erdowahnsinn
or brexit by little small-minded people
with generous help
even from some of US
every Left for themselves
so they won against US
US who think another four years
of Obama
or another eight years
would have brought peace
to manunkind not
but we always win in retrospect
against the forces of pigheadedness
although pigs are smart
pigs on the wing
the war against nazis was good
although there are nazis in government now
or almost in government
in austro-hungary
and other places.
anyway we are winning
seriously please believe US

MW May 31, 2017

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