Wish I could write like my child,
wish I could write like the moon.
Last night the moon ​was out,
now she​ is back behind the clouds.
Wish I could write like she did at twelve,
like I did at ten.
Write stories, poetry.
Wish I could write like I treat my child,
wish I could write like that all the time.
Wish I could treat everyone like that,
everyone treat everyone​ in this way,
we’d have world peace.
And the earth would not overheat.
I have two children.​
It is five o’clock in the morning.
The tramway is running.
It starts at five​, through the year.
It is still dark.
It’s after six now.
Dawn starting soon.
You can see the planes go up,
floating up on the horizon,
on a clear day.
It is winter.
Almost new year.
Wish I could sleep,
write it out later.
Dawn must be starting now.
Maybe it would, without the fog.
Dawn starts at seven, maybe.
My daughter wrote wonderful stories
when she was twelve.
Also some poetry.
My son doesn’t write very much.
He writes & paints & reads every day.
Two children are luxury.
Yeah, I know, people have ten children.
I knew a family like that, in the alps.
Two of them adopted.
Ida took me there.
She worked on ships much of her life.
They skied down to school
in the winter.
That’s what she told me,
guess it was true.
So they weren’t poor, they all had shoes,
even had skis,
though not ten pairs, probably.
Why am I writing this?
Tramway is running.
Getting on seven.
My daughter would be at work now,
gardening work.
She’s on vacation, christmas, new year.
They start at six.
Across the danube.
There is a train.
Trains go until one and start after four.
My uncle worked for the trains,
Austrian railways.
My grandfather too, on my mother’s side.
My mother’s father, never met him.
He died before I was born.
Both grandfathers did.
One didn’t come back from the war.
His father also worked at the railways,
no, it was my grandmother’s father.
Have to ask my father again.
I could get up now.
Haven’t mentioned China.
It is seven.
Wish I could sleep,
write it out later.
Have to get coffee.
Coffee or cocao, hot chocolate.
Maybe both together.
Makes you go to the bathroom, I know.

It is eight.
Morning news, December 30.
Ukraine needs more weapons.
Rockets and drones on Ukrainian cities.
Netanyahus sixth government.
Mostly extreme right.
They want to get justice under control.
Pele is dead.
He was content.
China is not under control.
Not anymore.
Many people are sick.
Most are infected
or have been infected
or will be infected.
Borders are open,
borders are opening.
People still need tests at the border,
or going to the hospital, here in Vienna.
Sometimes they​ don’t.
Vivienne Westwood is dead.
Aung San Su Ki is sentenced again.
Women in Afghanistan.
Three children survived three days
in a car, parents died in an accident​
in the outbacks in Australia.
90 degrees Fahrenheit maybe.
It’s summer there.
Classical music again​ on the radio.
Bach, the Well Tempered Piano.​
Well tempered cembalo, clavicord,
something that sounds very full,
right in the middle. Not very fast.
Celine Frisch. Never heard of her.
Piano again, something​ similar.
I wrote a little piece recently.
Very simple, just for one finger,
one or two fingers.
​How many notes? Let me count it.
18 notes altogether.
guess that’s in German.
Maybe b instead of h,
the white key before c.
Now they are playing a poem by Goethe,
Es schlug mein Herz,
geschwind zu Pferde!
Goethe and Schubert.
​Now there’s a string quartet
on the same poem, is it string trio?
Wish I could write like my child,
wish I could write like the moon.
Moon’s somewhere else now.
Niels Wilhelm Gade, string quartet.
Gade or Gabe?
Last song is called Strom.
Strom like the Danube.
Willi Resetarits, died very suddenly.
Song by Ernst Molden.
The old man and the fish,
something like that. Yes, Hemingway.
Should take a shower.

​Not a bad morning, I guess.
Went on a walk,
then we went shopping.
Wish I could treat everyone like my son.
When he is cross, I cannot scold him.
It is no use. I have to wait,
go on as usual.
There is simply no other way.
It will pass.
He is well-tempered,
his temper is the best in our family.
Wish everyone could be like that.
We’d have world peace, probably.

MW 12/30/22 in Vienna





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