the view
from the little window
in the staircase
is like a camera.
It’s a little cold.
The picture is magnificent,
but you feel the draft.
You can’t take it with you
wherever you’ll go,
but why would you want to?

MW April 2018, Florence




maria is really very young
at least in the one adoration
and in her coronation by Lippi
14, 15
that’s why the whole story is so preposterous
and so pure and so holy
she doesn’t know what happened at all.

MW April 2018




the wine from Florence tastes very good
not a famous wine
just from the organic farmers’ market
in front of Santo Spirito
no label
but just as real as the whole town
and the province
although this is the city
where modernity comes from
I wonder if they use wine
in Jewish services
I’m pretty sure they had wine
at the big wedding
commemorated in stone
at the synagogue
a recent wedding
two people from England
they must have local weddings too
a synagogue in full working order
big beautiful free-standing dome
not as big as the Duomo
but standing proud to be seen
from afar
Moorish style,
Byzantine probably
you could say
in the 19th century
of Christian reckoning
it was thought to be safe
to build such a large house of God
in the open
it was the age
of emancipation
modernity failed
Christianity failed
to prevent anything
although some were hidden
although some survived
most synagogues in Europe are gone
discussing religion
atheism whatever
the future of manunkind not
is all very idle
this is where we come from
if there is any we
this building
this city
this country
this wine
if there is
or was any we
this farmer’s wine
this countryside
this city
among many others
is where we are going
you don’t need machines
or hardly any
for this kind of history
you don’t need computers
not really
if there has been
if there can be any we
it is here.

MW April 2018



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