Li Suo

Alcohol disinfectant, 75%
Facemask hangs by the entrance, ready for re-use
Steamed bread, failed three times
Fresh flowers from Yunnan, bought online from Taobo
Cat hairs in the rug, always
Unwashed dishes, several days
50 installments of a trite soap opera
Uncontrolled feelings
Three o’clock in the morning, tears on my pillow
Six lamps turned on together
News of people who died
News of people waiting to die
News of people dying in vain
More and more in this apartment
A kind of gloom I never felt before
A heavy heart
A heavy heart like in Du Fu
(Ballad of Army Wagons)
Spring rain outside, unceasing cold
„Dark skies, rain wails and wails“
Layer on layer
They weigh on my chest.

Translated by MW, June 2020


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