11 years ago I was happy.
Our daughter had her first day of school,
she was just turning 7.
We knew she was smart, talented, beautiful.
We were rather worried about her brother,
he had hardly started to talk
and wasn’t always well treated in Kindergarten.
But we found a new place where he was happy,
and we were happy for Maia.
Our kids are born in Beijing,
2002 and 2005. China will always be part
of their identity. Both of them know that.
They don’t want to lose their Chinese,
although there are lots of other problems.
Maia’s primary school wasn’t good for her.
Leo’s primary school wasn’t bad,
he just takes a very long time
for reading and writing. Both of them are
native speakers of English. German is
taken for granted, although it’s harder
than English and Chinese. Yeah, I know,
it takes so much effort to write in Chinese,
to read and write. But maybe Leo would have done better
in Chinese at first, maybe not.
English for sure. Anyway,
we had other problems.
Leo is doing better now,
and Maia is in a good high school.
She is 18.
Guess I should be happy.

MW September 2020


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2条回应 to “2009”

  1. wolkenbeobachterin Says:

    i wish for you, that you are (happy now).
    gefällt mir gut, das gedicht.
    danke fürs posten.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wolkenbeobachterin Says:

    ich denke, dass allein durch die menge an sprachen, die eure kinder sprechen, schreiben, beherrschen, haben sie sehr viele chancen in ihrem leben erfüllung zu finden, z.b. im beruf.
    da habt ihr ihnen ein großes geschenk gemacht, auch wenn sie das vielleicht (noch) gar nicht so empfinden.

    Liked by 1 person


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