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九月 10, 2020


11 years ago I was happy.
Our daughter had her first day of school,
she was just turning 7.
We knew she was smart, talented, beautiful.
We were rather worried about her brother,
he had hardly started to talk
and wasn’t always well treated in Kindergarten.
But we found a new place where he was happy,
and we were happy for Maia.
Our kids are born in Beijing,
2002 and 2005. China will always be part
of their identity. Both of them know that.
They don’t want to lose their Chinese,
although there are lots of other problems.
Maia’s primary school wasn’t good for her.
Leo’s primary school wasn’t bad,
he just takes a very long time
for reading and writing. Both of them are
native speakers of English. German is
taken for granted, although it’s harder
than English and Chinese. Yeah, I know,
it takes so much effort to write in Chinese,
to read and write. But maybe Leo would have done better
in Chinese at first, maybe not.
English for sure. Anyway,
we had other problems.
Leo is doing better now,
and Maia is in a good high school.
She is 18.
Guess I should be happy.

MW September 2020



十一月 9, 2017

Photo by Helmut Forster

zu kurz: islamische werte

kurz schreibt islamische werte
in eine studie
jemand schreibt für kurz
islamische werte
in eine studie
„Respekt, Gelassenheit, Individualität,
Hygiene, zufriedene Kinder, Pünktlichkeit,
Liebe, Wärme und Geborgenheit,
Selbständigkeit, Transparenz bei den Regeln“
hab ich das ungenau zitiert?
am ende stand
“islamische werte”
in einer studie
gegen islamische kindergärten
in wien
oder nicht?
sie haben gewonnen

MW November 2017


十月 3, 2016



was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

guten morgen

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

lasst uns singen

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

lasset uns beten

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

lasset uns danken.

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

danket den kindern
danket den eltern
danket den pfadfindern

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

heute ist erntedank
nach dem gottesdienst
gibt es draußen ein kleines buffet
um 14h
gibts tiere-segen
alles andere
steht auf dem zettel
hinten am eingang

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

ein bauer hatte sehr viel gearbeitet
ein anderer hatte alles verloren
zuerst will der erste
nur noch ins wirtshaus
auf dem weg trifft er
die arme familie
die will das letzte
was ihr geschenkt wurde
noch mit ihm teilen

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

am ende lud der bauer die flüchtlinge
zum gemeinsamen mahl

was ist gott?
was ist eine seele?

gehet hin in frieden

MW 2. Oktober 2016

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Photos by Jacqueline Winter


七月 15, 2014

yi sha the people

Yi Sha

taking a walk in the afternoon
I come out of the east gate of fengqing park
and I see
a young woman leaning on a bicycle
talking on her cellphone:
“hello, director chen
just let my kid into your school
on top of the 50,000 sponsoring money
I will add 10,000 for you,
ok? ….”
behind her
on the back seat of the bicycle
sits a little boy
three or four years old
I walk down the street
but after a while
under the afternoon
hot summer sun
I want to cry
not because I am moved
I’m not moved at all
it was no surprise
it was perfectly normal
but I want to salute
the downtrodden masses accepting their fate
myself among them
the great chinese people

Tr. MW, July 2014


三月 26, 2008

Leo smiles


三月 26, 2008

This is the official photo from Leo’s third birthday on Friday March 14 at Kindergarten. Maia looks very happy!


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