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香港 – 玛雅的作品

五月 30, 2015

Maia HK

”I don’t know very much but my dad says I went to Hong Kong when I was small. But I don’t remember.
He told me how Hong Kong began: At first, there was no Hong Kong, there was Macau. Macau was established by the Portuguese. Before that China had even bigger ships that made it to Africa.
When the Portuguese came to China, they rented a small piece of land and made a small harbour. This small harbour became Macau. Then British people came and wanted another small harbour.
Later the British sold drugs. Chinese officials didn’t allow them to sell drugs. But the British had strong weapons. China could not beat them. They opened fire on many cities. China could do nothing.
The British just sold what they wanted. And built a bigger harbour. This harbour became Hong Kong.”

Maias Bild

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