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MOON WINDOW ME – 无用 – no use

七月 31, 2015

no use

No Use (Wu Yong)

in this life
me and the moon
and the window
we have this great bond
when it’s time to eat
time to sleep
time to take a ride
I’ve come to rely on them
I’m not accustomed to have
the moon and the window
without myself at any time
I am there
and the moon
but there is no window
to have myself
and a window
but there is no moon

actually it’s no big deal if they’re gone
I can tell myself
the moon is sleeping behind the clouds
the wind outside is too strong so the window can’t come along
just be good & wait here it’ll be ok

when there is nothing at all
I paint a window up on the wall
a moon
one made-up I
more than one I
more and more Is
a house full of Is

a house full of Is
arguing inside


moon window me

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