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九月 20, 2017

Jun Er

I was about to graduate from college
when my roommate took me
to a mysterious Qigong master.
At first he stared at my roommate
and saw a Gate of Heavenly Peace.
You will go to Beijing, he said,
and that became true.
Then he gazed at me
and went on to say,
you will go to a town by the sea,
move close to the waves and you will get fortune.
You will marry a worker,
he will listen to you.
That was in 1991.
At first I was sent to a watch factory
in the middle of Tianjin.
Three years on, at the end of 1994,
I came to the development zone,
a salt field hemmed in by the sea;
and married a worker from the same factory.

Translated by MW, September 2017

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