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五月 7, 2014

Tang Xin

At the height of summer, Olympics in Spain
Crazed citizens, day & night watching TV
Disgusting extremes, disturbing my dreams
I’d rather stay calm, you could say
I would not be in spasms
I prefer gentle exertions
Instead of tiring yourself spitting blood
Like some kind of monster. I hate repetition.
I don’t want to watch people shouting exulted
Like raging idiots, lunatic movements
Nazis, Cultural Revolution

Although I’m yearning for the old Greeks
Natural people, clear autumn skies
Beautiful bodies, running in freedom
Nothing like that today I’m afraid

I don’t yearn for the strong, for the muscled
For the nimble champions
No, to be strong and mighty means in my language
You could be frail and weak in your body
But if you are like Hu Shi, Zhou Zuoren
You are a hero, a really great person

Go to sleep, my compatriots
Or is the national anthem your opium?
After they win three hundred gold medals
You are an invalid just like before
Go cook yourself a mung bean soup
To clear your senses

At the height of summer, Lanzhou is not too bad
Ignore the papers, no idle talking
Crickets at noon, frogs in the night
With time for reading, and a good sleep

Tr. MW, April 2014

February and June

三月 16, 2012

Yan Jun

Two Poems from 2007

Febr. 13 (For those who have never seen rain)

time difference carrying luggage going into the rainbow

the travellers the sleepy-heads

the cats in thailand fishing folk in shanxi

corpses in books female warriors coming up

seven o’clock in the morning darkness leaving these faces

they all have their names

in their passports in the papers

new babies awaken accordeons destroying a jail

taipei raindrops dancing calling me back

Febr. 13th, 2007

Tr. MW, March 2012

June 28

they all flew away from the moma development

over xidan over tanggu over berlin and cologne

it rained on the way bird flu broke out peach blossoms fell

stock market softly extinguished babies were born

central station capetown tea hawkers taking the lift

dusk finally changing into the night

they closed down lufthansa center the workers’ stadium

bombed olympic park they did it for love

but for the sleepless heart but jardin du luxembourg

but butterflies flying on lantau over the temple of heaven

but hashish bees helicopters took them away

all of urumqi changed into a park

finally changing into the night and they sighed

they changed into her they love her they flew

into another dream

June 28, 2007

Tr. MW, March 2012

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