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三月 9, 2016
Callgraphy by Chen Shih-hsian

Callgraphy by Chen Shih-hsian


today’s headline is shit
today’s topics are shit
main points are all shit

today’s headline is crap
today’s topics are crap
main points are all crap

crap is much better than shit
crap is in every dictionary
crap is a very clean word

MW March 2016

AUTUMN RAINS – 王有尾 Wang Youwei

十一月 26, 2014


Wang Youwei

this rain
going on seven days
primary school textbook says
“let it rain, let it rain!
let my buds grow in!”
my son also says
he likes the rain
he says the canal in front of our compound
doesn’t stink anymore

Tr. MW, Nov. 2014


Wang Youwei

dieser regen
geht schon sieben tage
im volksschullesebuch steht
“nass und nasser, nass und nasser,
lass mir meine knospen wachsen!”
auch mein sohn
mag den regen
er sagt der kanal vor unserer anlage
stinkt nicht mehr so

Übersetzt von MW im Nov. 2014

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