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CALL OF THE WILD – 李东泽 Li Dongze

十月 22, 2020

Li Dongze

Although it was very annoying
he still filled in the form
as they wanted it.
Half a year later
the member list of the Writers‘ Society
didn’t include him.
He felt insulted
and cursed himself,
served him right,
like a wild tiger
who applies to be kept in a pen.
A moment later
he comforted himself
it is exactly because
this way they let you
keep your last bit of pride,
why shouldn’t he be proud just a little?
Then suddenly he thought of
Ah Q.

August 2020
Translated by MW, Oct. 2020



三月 13, 2020

Tie Xin

Minus sechs Grad,
Frost und ganz klar.
Bei der Visastelle der Ami-Botschaft
steht eine lange, lange Schlange.
Ich komm hinein, schau mich um, komm heraus.
Bin abgelehnt worden,
aber im Hof im Brunnenbecken
ist eine tolle Skulptur von Jeff Koons,
bunte Tulpen.
Sagen wir ich war im Museum,
moderne Kunst angeschaut,
auch nicht so schlimm.

10. Januar 2020
Übersetzt von MW am 13. 3. 2020




三月 14, 2010

Darf man fragen?

Darf man Kinder einfach toeten?
Muss man einen Antrag stellen?
Wofuer ist man Polizist?
Wofuer ist man Freund und Helfer?
Polizisten duerfen schiessen
Polizisten schuetzen uns
Polizisten schieben ab
Polizisten kleben zu
Arbeit fuer Gerechtigtkeit
Werbung fuer die Polizei
Klebt an vielen Strassenecken
Darf man Kinder einfach toeten?
Fragt die grossen Zeitungen
Muessen Kinder ins Gefaengnis
Weil sie hier nicht bleiben duerfen?
Darf man Menschen einfach toeten?
Muss man einen Antrag stellen?
Muss man Dokumente bringen?
Muss man auf die Uhrzeit achten?
Muss man eine Nummer ziehen?
Wofuer ist man integriert?
Was darf man in Oesterreich?
Darf man leugnen, was geschah?
Wofuer gibt es eine Wahl?
Gibt es keine Kandidaten?
Jede Woche eine Schande?
So viele Zeitungen
So viele Fragen

MW Maerz 2010

May I ask?

Will they let you kill a child?
Do you need an application?
Will they let you work again?
Can you be a good policeman?
Are you going to protect us?
Are you going to deport us?
Maybe you’ll deport our neighbours?
Maybe gag them on the plane
Maybe they are still policemen
Those who gagged and killed that guy
Can they put a child in jail
And deport a nine-year-old
Because he’s from Kosovo
And they say the war is over
Who cares what his friends are saying
Or his teachers, or his town
Here in lovely Austria
You can be a candidate
Candidate for president
If the papers will support you
Say you are for law and order
Maybe you are just a Nazi
Hardly anybody cares
Will you go and work for justice
Come and work for the police
Let me just describe the poster
Justice is the only word
There’s the word, and there are handcuffs
Handcuffs on a pair of hands
Posters are in every school
Many streets and public buildings
Will they let you kill a child?
Do you need to take a number?
If the papers will support you
May I ask another day?

MW March 2010

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