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一月 2, 2018

Ye Zhen

When father got out after his operation
he took everything they gave him back home:
plastic chamber pot, spittoon, washbasin.
Chamber pot remained a chamber pot,
spitoon remained a spittoon.
Washbasin at first was used for washing,
later it got cracked
so father added some earth
for growing flowers and herbs.
When father passed away,
the chamber pot was under the bed,
the spittoon on the side.
The former washbasin stood at the window
full of chrysanthemums
yellow and white.

Translated by Martin Winter, December 31, 2017


DEFECT – 袁源 Yuan Yuan

一月 14, 2016

Yuan Yuan

Yuan Yuan 袁源

There is a defect
in the urinal in this restaurant.
You stand in front,
it squirts water.
I didn’t know
so I jumped.
haven’t started to pee,
this thing pees on me.

August 2015
Tr. MW, Jan. 2016


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