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五月 16, 2017


everyone wants deliberation
what do workers want
more money
more rights
less accidents
less insecurity
less misery
less discrimination
what do employers
and state agents want
in comparison
they have everything
only in certain cases
certain uncertain cases
they are very certain
everyone needs deliberation
rather than killing and maiming
each other
china has talked about democracy
very much
at least since 1919
austria too
so let us deliberate
how to give workers
in certain uncertain cases
maybe just a little bit
of deliberation

MW May 2017


From a small conference on Monday, May 15. Law studies and Petition Office representants from China. Vienna University law faculty and East Asian studies professors. Well-meaning reports on labor conflicts and “deliberative democracy”. Meanwhile we’ll have another big election in Austria in October. Last year was just the figurehead president. Could have been a Neo-German alt-right figurehead. It was close. Would have been ok with the foreign minister. Also with the governors of Burgenland and Lower Austria, the provinces around Vienna. They are working with the xenophobe extreme right Freedom party. Or looking forward to that. No, we don’t rally around the republic against neo-fascist and anti-European forces like they do in France. Although we finally tried last year and succeeded. And our president now is a Green independent. Yeah, that’s where my poems come from. China and Asia, Austria and Europe. Taiwan. Czech Republic. And so on. Like The Sun Also Crashes. That was in Vermont, right before the last US mid-term elections.

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