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Ai Weiwei’s wife Lu Qing writes to National People’s Congress

九月 30, 2011

Lu Qing’s letter to China’s National People’s Congress from Sept. 28 (working translation)

Expressing an opinion on Amendments to The People’s Republic of China’s Criminal Procedure Code (draft legislation)

To the Working Committee For The Rule of Law of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress:

As an ordinary citizen, I have seen that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has publicly requested opinions on draft legislation for amendments to The People’s Republic of China’s Criminal Procedure Code. Paragraph 30 of the amendment stipulates that public security organs can, under special exceptions, set up a place for a suspect to live under surveillance without notifying the family. Paragraphs 36 and 39 stipulate the special exceptions in which arrest or detention by public security organs can take place without family notification. This means that a Chinese citizen cannot have protection of his or her most basic rights. Residential Surveillance [originally conceived as house arrest] thus becomes secret detention, this is a blatant violation of the constitution. I ask the National People’s Congress, when you debate paragraphs 30, 36 and 39 of the amendment, not to pass the special exemptions. In this way you can clearly state that when public security organs take up forceful measures of detention, arrest or surveillance against any citizen, they should notify the family without exemption and within the period stipulated by law.

My name is Lu Qing, citizen of China, I am a painter. My husband Ai Weiwei, artist, architect and participant in civil society, designer for FAKE Cultural Development Ltd., was taken away at customs at Beijing International Airport. He disappeared for 81 days. We did not receive any notification from the authorities. We did not know why he was kidnapped, where he was held, or about his health condition.

Family and friends were all very worried and angry about his disappearance. Ai Weiwe’s mother, who is over 80 years old, worried day and night. She could hardly sleep or eat and had to take medication. It was a huge mental and physical strain on her. Family members have tried to get information from any direction, reported the case at police stations both where he disappeared, where he had lived and where he was registered. We wrote Missing Person ads and sent letters to the Beijing City Police Bureau, the Procurator’s Office, the Politics and Law Commission, the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Ministry of Public Security, without receiving any answer. Ai Weiwei’s disappearance for 81 days was very harmful for the physical and mental state of his family.

On June 22, Ai Weiwei was “released on bail to await trial” and returned home. [Again], we have not received any notice from the public security organs. After he was taken away by public security organs, they demanded he sign a notice about “residential surveillance” before they brought him to a secret place in the outskirts of Beijing.

When a citizen is taken away by public security, the family should be notified, to honor one the most basic human rights of a citizen. Family members are not co-defendants. They should have a right to know. If a society loses the protection of a citizen’s most basic rights, this is harmful for the whole society.

A cultured nation should respect the most basic rights of a person. If the above measures are passed, it will be a regression for China’s legal system, the deterioration of human rights, and will be a hindrance to the progress of our civilization. I hope that the current modification of amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code could restrain the arbitrariness the public security organs display in upholding law and order. I hope that citizens receive legal protection before the arm of the law, so that the basic human rights as they appear in the constitution are truly recognized.

Signed: Lu Qing, 2011-09-28

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Photos by Ai Weiwei, from Google+

As if

九月 21, 2011

Ma Lan
Als ob – Fuer W

Als waer es ein anderes Leben, das Wasser kocht spaeter.
Als ginge man anderswo sterben, man saehe nur Blueten am Suedhang.
Als bewegten sich Baeume am anderen Ufer, wir haben die Bruecke nicht informiert.
Als werde der Himmel gerollt fortgetragen, wir koennten Froesche am Brunnengrund sehen.
Als floege der Klang, der Schmetterling eile zur uralten Bluete.
Als saesse die Schoene aus Tamba am Tor deines Traums, wer kostet die Frauen.
Als rase ein Wurfeisen auf deiner Handflaeche, du sitzt gelassen.
Als werde ein Satz durchbrochen, wenn das Licht stark genug sei.
Als falle Schnee vom Himmel herunter, wir sitzen im Hochhaus und warten aufs Schicksal.
Als braeche ein Apfel durch einen Apfel, und nehme nicht einen Faden von Fett mit.
Als mache man Revolution bis zum Ende, man fuehre die Liebe durch bis zum Ende.
Als sage man einen vollstaendigen Satz, das Herz uebersteige den Himmel.
Als waere September ein Traum, man steht auf der Bruecke, sieht niemand darunter.
Als schwebe die Wirklichkeit von links nach rechts, schwarze Wolken im Mondlicht.
Also ob der Tod eines Dichters unsere Einsamkeit gegenseitig erhelle.
Als hoeben wir Steine, die traefen auf Fussruecken, seien bloss Watte.
Als kaeme ein Moench aus dem Sueden, wende sich laechelnd, winke und mache sich auf den Weg.
Als waeren wir Ausserirdische, im Traum genauso allein.
Als stoehnten wir mit den Zaehnen.
Als waere das Leben des Falters Verwandlung, ich will nicht dich, nur dein Herz.

MW    Uebers. Sept. 2011

Als ob – 仿佛
仿佛 – Als ob

Als ob
发布: 2010-4-29 22:57 | 作者: 马兰






三月 12, 2011

It’s like stepping outside in the little courtyard out back with the garbage cans and old bicycles to look at the sky before you go to sleep. No, it’s more like stepping out onto your spacious balcony seven floors up in an ordinary drab neighbourhood, not yet demolished, and see birds soaring in circles through the morning sky around the high-rise next to the bicycle shelter, both very drab and ordinary in a very ordinarily ingenious way, in the direction of sunset or sunrise.


八月 31, 2010

Current events – trends – chronology – examples

1) Current events

This presentation is based on my article on current Chinese literature for the Swiss festival Culturescapes, which is about China this year. A book with all the texts on Chinese art and literature written for this festival has come out in September 2010.

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八月 16, 2008


wenn alle das machen
das alle machen
bleibt niemand
der sie davor warnt

Helmut Seethaler (written on public spaces, photo taken July 2008)

Siehe auch <>!

when everybody’s doing
what everybody’s doing
then nobody
remains to warn them

Helmut Seethaler, trans. MW, August 2008

H.Seethaler (写在维也纳地铁站工地墙上,2008年七月照)
MW译 2008年8月

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