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11月 8, 2020


The people have won.
Decency has won.
Democracy has won.
Some people
may feel they have lost.
In the end, the land,
the country, the world
if the world can win,
most people will feel,
for once,
there is a beacon.

MW November 2020


What am I?
Where are we?
We are on earth.

What am I?
What are we?
What can we do?
I can be a tree.
You can be whatever grows
or crawls or flies up from the earth
and the wind and the rain.
We can all come again
and do what we can.

Some people did what they could
for a while
and Obama did
and it wasn’t enough
change to go round
everywhere in the end.

But yeah, we can
do it again.

MW October 2020

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