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9月 10, 2022


She was my parents’ and grandparents’ world,
she had it cushier than all of them.
My son knows Freddie Mercury,
not sure if he knows her,
hasn’t been to Britain.
I went with my folks when I was young.
My dad was in England as an exchange student,
when he was young, maybe twelve.
We visited Marjory,
dad was at her place.
Marjory almost like the prime minister,
but a much nicer person.
We went to England and Wales
in a small car.
I even got to swim in the sea
somewhere in Wales on the coast,
no-one was there.
Beautiful, though cold of course.
Queen Mother was still around,
not in Wales at the time.
Freddie Mercury and friends,
I saw them in Vienna,
my first big concert
aside from classical music.
Boy, that was a long time ago.

MW September 2022


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